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Jeremy Bednarsh



About Jeremy Bednarsh

Jeremy Bednarsh is the founder and CEO of Stay Cool San Diego– mechanical services for air consisting and heating. His passionate business aims to serve San Diego and the greater area for all of their HVAC needs. This team of professionals is trained and skilled in the mechanical services industry, providing the best level of service. From Service and Installations, the team has both the tools and the desire to help in every commercial HVAC need. Jeremy started this business with the idea that helping others with heating and air conditioning would be a great service! With the high temperatures of California’s San Diego, Jeremy and his team love to serve their clients and customers.

When he’s not working at Stay Cool San Diego, Jeremy Bednarsh follows through with his love of guitar. From listening to classic rock songs and some of the best guitar riffs known to man, to practicing on his own guitar, he’s had a love of music for quite some time. With many years of guitar playing, Jeremy displays his knowledge and passion with you on this blog. You can find tips and tricks for guitar players from beginner stage to experts on the stage!

Outside of his career and passion for guitars, Jeremy is a huge fan of his dogs– Steve and Leela. A natural animal lover, Jeremy is also fascinated with reptiles as well as other exotic animals. His dogs, Steve and Leela are both pit bulls, which Jeremy is a big advocate for the breed. With their poor reputation to the public, pit bulls are placed under surveillance and even denied in certain areas. To combat this misconception, Jeremy is an active participant on where he communicates in the forums. This organization promotes education, awareness, and an owner’s responsibility to the breed. In the same sense, Jeremy Bednarsh also wants to educate and spread awareness of this breed he speaks so passionately about.

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