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Jeremy Bednarsh on Guitars

So you’ve found time in your busy work schedule to indulge in a new hobby and you’ve chosen guitar. Learning guitar does not have to come at an early age, and many guitar players successfully learn in adulthood. The cliche “practice makes perfect” fits every instrument– the more you play, the more your skills will increase.

Yamaha FG800


The Yamaha FG800 is one of every guitar expert’s go-to. The FG series of Yamaha are great guitars for those just starting out. If the 5G800 isn’t your style, you could look at any of the FG guitars. It’s a durable guitar with great sound that any beginner can, and will, enjoy. If you aren’t sure how well you’ll like learning guitar, this is an easy guitar to pick up or put down. The wood material in this guitar sounds better with age, so your guitar playing skills will only get better too. It’s great for beginners and experts alike!

Martin DX2MAE Dreadnought Acoustic-Electric Mahogany


A full-sized, solid mahogany acoustic-electric guitar is what every dedicated guitarist needs for their first guitar. Keep in mind this is no guitar for those who will pick it up here and there. The Martin DX2MAE Dreadnought is for serious learnings looking for a lifelong hobby. This is a project series X guitar that’s ready for your living room and open-mic nights at every beck and call. This Martin is definitely on the higher end of beginner guitars and typically comes with a hard case to withstand road trips so you can play anywhere. You can certainly find this same basic guitar in other wood finishes that will give you a slightly different sound. Every guitar player truly must listen to the sound of the wood and find one that inspires them.

Taylor 114ce


This guitar is one with an impressive shape. The cutaway acoustic-electric is a blended wood guitar with walnut back and sides and a solid Sitka spruce top. The Grand Auditorium has an incredible all-around sound good for strumming, fingerpicking, and even flatpicking. The Taylor 114ce is great for beginners to go from just learning to an impressive expert in no time. With the custom Taylor neck, you’ll be able to play and learn more easily. This guitar is designed to fit the true needs of guitar players looking for great sound, a great guitar, and fun, easy playing.