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jeremy bednarsh million plusThe 1971 Plymouth Hemi Cuda Convertible is very rare and is expected to bring in a few million dollars when it is auctioned in Seattle on June 14th. Mecum Auctions is hosting the event. There were only two of these cars built for the United States in 1971 and this car is one of them, making it highly desirable. There is a 426/425 hp V8 Mopar engine that has a reputation that precedes it and a 4-speed manual transmission. It has been expertly restored and includes a drop-top with all the original exterior body work in tact. Everything on this vehicle has been put back in such great shape it looks as though it is from the day it was purchased in 1971. This car will surely bring a large number of wealthy people to the auction hoping to own something as rare and desirable as this. The car also has a Shaker hood, a Dana 60 rear end with 4.10 Super Track Pak, power brakes, a 26-inch radiator. The car also has a very exciting back story, which of course adds to the value of the item. Mecum Auctions has stated that it belonged to a “famous cartoonist” who then sold it to an unnamed person in Oregon. It was later confiscated in the midst of a drug bust and then sold at a police auction in 1999 for $410,000. Since that time, the price for these rare Hemi Cuda’s has blown up. In 2004 one sold for $3 million. The price went down slightly after the financial crisis hit, but another 1971 model was sold in 2013 for $1.3 million dollars. This auction is televised and although the car is probably worth about $1.95 million, it could go for much more if bidders get caught up in the frenzy of owning such a great, high performing, beautifully restored muscle car.